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We are particularly pleased to tell you about this product because it is the world's finest climbing rope and one that we designed. Our Super Rope is unique and no one else has the olefin fiber or cotton fiber ropes that we know of. In addition no one else has the 1 3/8" ropes.
This rope is modern synthetic. It is non-allergenic, UV treated and comfortable to the hands and provides a superior grip. Our customers prefer this rope over other fibers because of its soft natural feel and excellent grip. This product was tested in gymnastics, outdoors in camps and in education programs since 1976. It was found to be excellent in all environments.
The rope comes in two sizes. The elementary or junior high size is approximately 1 3/8" and allows for rest knots tied at any interval (it is recommended that the rest knots do not go all the way to the top). The second is the high school or college size, which is approximately 1 3/4" in diameter.
All ropes come with a metal rope head and back-up safety strap and a heat shrink boot at the bottom.

       (Ask for a sample of our Super Rope)

Actual reels of our Super Rope

Options are:

Heavy duty clamp

Regular beam clamp

Ballbearing swing fitting for ropes used to be swinging

Restknots are available in the smaller sized rope

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