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Ropes Course Materials & Terms

Down low, same as tire swing, except with chairs
Our bolts are 3/4 inch galvanized with a backup system of 3/8 inch cable applied around the tree. These bolts are the largest used in the industry

Poly Vinyl Chloride Grey Rod 1 " is used on the Fidget Ladder and Trapezez as bars.

NICO-Press Fittings
All Cable up to 3/8" can be fastened with non-corrosive, zinc-coated copper oval sleeves and stainless thimbles for maintenance-free use which is vandal proof.

Our Log Walk, Beam, Swinging Log, and Giant Ladder are CCA pressure treated new class 2 &3 with a non-corrosive chemical which will not ruin clothes like creosote. The poles are guaranteed for 50 years in the ground. We think a ropes course should be built once, not every five years.

Nets & Ladders
We designed and built a special netting made of one inch nylon double thick webbing which inter-weaves and makes one foot squares. It makes extremely good cargo nets and rope ladders. Would you believe that one 12 x 18 foot cargo net weighs 10 Lbs and fits in a nylon bag about the size of a small sleeping bag? Any student can carry it out to the course. A 50 foot rope ladder weighs about 1.5 lbs.

Commando Crawl Rope
We use our specially designed Supperrope for all large rope applications.

Fifty-foot Sky Lift Bucket Truck
Our truck enables us to do all high work safely and quickly. It allows for exact leveling of cables and saves you money and labor costs.


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