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Gymnasium Design constructed and developed ropes course programs in numerous high schools and camps throughout the northeast. Since the beginning, we have built courses that utilized the finest, most durable materials. Our courses are ranked as the safest for the longest possible time. We were the originator of the safety backup system in 1977, and that is why today our courses are made of pressure treated poles (guaranteed 50 years above and below ground), and stainless steel cable and hardware, which will be safe and strong for many years.

In addition to construction, we train you and your staff. We provide regular and advanced indoor and outdoor education programs.

When you elect to use Gymnasium Design to assist you with your ropes course development, you get:

  • Two people with 60 years combined teaching and coaching experience in physical education who know first-hand the problems you face at all levels.
  • Two people who have been with the construction and implementation of outdoor education since the beginning in the mid seventies.
  • A company that provides yearly safety inspections for certification of ropes courses.
  • A company that takes pride in its work, uses only the finest, and most durable materials, and whose service record is unmatched.
  • A company that provides construction and full staff training with college credit (available) in all aspects of the ropes course environment. Safety techniques in high and low elements, initiatives, and games are emphasized.
  • A company that owns its own 50' bucket truck for economical construction, repair, and inspection of your ropes course.

Ropes Course Presenters are Robert Albright and Jim Duggan

Robert Albright
(President of Gymnasium Design)

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