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Additional Ropes Course Elements/Activities

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Bosun Chairs
Down low, same as tire swing, except with chairs
Up high, stainless steel belay about 45'; has climbing rope to get you started.

Cargo Net
Permanent - Heavy duty 12'x18' with 3/4" rope hung on steel cable: separate belay is stainless steel.
Portable - Made with nylon parachute webbing especially for ropes courses standard12'x18', or you specify size; 12' x 18' weighs only 10 lbs.

Commando Crawl
Made with Gymnasium Design 1 3/4" Superrope, and stainless steel belay cable.

Dangle Doo
Made the right way with class 6 pressure treated pole across 2 trees with pressure treated cedar log ladder and stainless steel belay cable.

Giant Swing II
30' to 50' high; usually over a hill with or without a self belay; swing is on a ball bearing swing fitting and is hung by stainless cable; rope is 1 3/4' in diameter; climbing rope with seat for swinging; the most used element you have.

Hee Bee Jee Bee
Stainless steel cross pieces with multiline

Stainless steel cables, min 40' long with vines of 11mm rope; tree stapled with 4" staples. We try to get these up there at least 50' high.

Nitro Crossing
Swing fitting, 1 3/4" Superrope

Pamper Pole
Pressure treated class 6 pole with 50 year guarantee

Partner Walk
With two separate cables

Perch Leap
Using bottom of two lines and just-right near-by tree. Pressure treated platform and trapeze with stainless cables.

Rappelling Towers
Custom built, prices vary. Note: we will not build a tower in a tree; we can build platforms for rappelling of a smaller size in trees.

Tire Swing
Stainless steel cable drain holes

Approximately 12' x12' with ladder on back and platform for standing waist high, made with pressure treated wood

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