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Climbing Walls

Our modules are constructed of 2 x 4's, 16" on center and come in three sections, two of them 8' high and one 4' high. These sections can be bolted to the wall, either in a smooth or overhanging configuration. The modules are covered with 3/4" CDX plywood and finished with special sand paint. The plywood has "T' nuts spaced about every 10 inches for mounting the climbing holds.

Belay Bars
Our bars are constructed of 3" schedule 40 pipe, clamped to the existing ceiling structure. They may also be fastened to the wall if needed to position the bar properly over the climbing wall. This arrangement permits the use of several ropes so that more than one person can use the climbing wall simultaneously. Costs vary and are dependent on materials and labor to fit each installation.

Climbing Holds
Climbing holds are available in a wide variety of sizes, colors, shapes and textures, offering challenges in degree of difficulty from beginner to expert. They can be ordered in groups or in a series of between 5 and 20 pieces. Extra large holds (monsterholds) are available for climbing on horizontal surfaces to simulate climbing under a ledge, for instance.

Ancillary items

One instructor for 6 to 15 people; over 15 people,
two instructors are needed.
Flat Wall
One of these is 20 feet x4 feet x inches.

Security Curtain
This is made of 13 oz vinyl can be locked on wall

Start-up cost for hardware, harnesses, helmets, ropes, and belay equipment
is approximately $1,500.

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